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How Do Websites Get Visitors?

The premise that websites are places or destinations for people to visit requires that some mechanism(s) get them there. How this is accomplished is as important to marketers (MORE)

Why Do Companies Give to Charity?

Most businesses make contributions to charities or other entities involved in "good works." The reasons for these gestures are not always transparent, since most times there's (MORE)

Does Customer Data Ever Get Old?

No, it doesn't, insomuch that there are always new ways it can be put to use. This presents problems for business, however, since the ongoing stockpiling (and use) of this dat (MORE)

Do Advertisers Have To Tell The Truth?

Considering the wide diversity of ads that appear on TV, in print, or on the Internet, it's reasonable to ask if there's any objective, standardized criteria to which any of t (MORE)