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Public Relations

What Is a Press Conference?

A press conference used to be a discrete, scheduled event at which "news" was made available to journalists and, thereby, the public. Such events still occur today, but it's important that marketers understand that their conduct and effect are quite different....(more)

How to Handle a Public Company PR Crisis

The standard counsel for handling PR crises is to have a communications plan in place, which is important, but it's only the tactical part of the strategy required to manage the potential effects on a public company's reputation. Here's the rest of the how to:...(more)

Press release dos and don'ts

It's important to follow some time-tested rules for creating effective press releases, irrespective of your topic or industry....(more)

How to write a great press release headline

A press release headline is the first thing a journalist or consumer will read, and often it's the last thing, too. This means writing the headline is probably the most important step in creating an effective press release....(more)


Are Political Brands Like Commerical Brands?

No, mostly they're not, even though they're often described with similar language and expectations. Marketers who want to succeed in either endeavor need to understand the differences and occasional similarities....(more)

Should marketers expect to educate consumers?

Many marketing strategies and campaigns are premised on the expectation that consumers can be educated. This is often a mistaken assumption, since people in general must first want to learn. Understanding the triggers of this intention is key to success....(more)

What is a marketing education?

A marketing education is the acquisition of knowledge and capabilities in the practice of marketing, either as a practitioner, researcher, or educator....(more)

Social Media

How Do Brands Monetize Facebook?

The emergent challenge for marketers is to move beyond assigning value to social interactions (Facebook or any other), and instead identify and implement ways for it to create value. There are four broad ways how some brands are already doing it. ...(more)

Does Social Media Improve Customer Service?

Getting a product or service problem has never been easier, thanks to the utility and ubiquity of social media technology. But has customer service improved? ...(more)

What Will The Next Social Network Look Like?

Today's social media technology platforms haven't proven new ways to make money other than relying on old ways, like running advertising. Do such services have a natural lifetime, and what might replace this generation of platforms? Here are some thoughts:...(more)

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